The organization began to work on community development in 1998 when the essence and purpose of civil society organizations were practically unknown to the general public. For that reason, together with the experience accumulated over 13 years, the organization got an opportunity to take on the role of a community development resource center.

To strengthen civil society, activate and realize the local potential, and encourage community mobilization, for many years organization collects, prepares, and disseminates interesting information or academic materials. 

Throughout the years, the program brings together organizations and initiative groups working on community development, and encourages their communication and networking; to this end, the organization annually holds joint open and closed meetings, experience exchange visits among local groups, and other similar events. 

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, program launched the online community chat sessions to maintain communication and build social connections among community leaders. During these sessions, community leaders and residents had an opportunity to meet interesting people, hear information that was meaningful and valuable for them, and simply participate in various conversations.