Community development has always been one of the longstanding program priorities for the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia. The organization was founded in 1995 and has been striving ever since to achieve results that bring positive changes both to individuals and society at large. 

The organization was created at a time when the inequality of socio-economic development among cities and regions was especially noticeable, and the local population didn’t have confidence in local opportunities. To improve this situation, from 1998 the young and motivated team began to actively work in regions. During 24 years of diverse and successful operations, the organization has established itself as one of the first CSOs with long-term and result-oriented community development priorities.


Promoting good governance, stable and inclusive economic development, and the formation of an active civil society for the benefit and welfare of Georgian society. 

Geographic Range of CSRDG Activities

CSRDG implements its activities throughout the entire territory of Georgia, both on national and local levels. 

Strategic directions of CSRDG activities

  • Community development
  • Strengthening civil society organizations
  • Development of corporate social responsibility
  • Access to social services
  • Development of social entrepreneurship
  • Protection of user rights
  • Promoting European integration