Since 1998, the Community Development Program has been working in rural areas to support both existing and newly established community groups. Extensive experience, gained by the Program during all those years, proves that local resource mobilization is essential to ensure the diversity of community initiatives and sustainability of their results; and by resource, we mean both financial as well as intangible and intellectual resources.

Therefore, to increase the involvement of community members in social processes, in 2020 we began to learn from the global community mobilization experience as well as to explore the model of Community Foundations, which is widespread in the world. 

Simply put, the Community Foundation is a “moneybox” of resources for people living in a certain geographic area; and this moneybox must be replenished, largely, again through the donations from individuals residing in the same area, as well as organizations and companies operating in it. Funds collected in the moneybox should be used for projects or ideas that help to improve the living environment of the same locality.

Since its inception, the organization has developed several interesting information resources to popularize one of the most common legal forms of community mobilization - the concept of Community Foundations. In addition to that, in 2020, the organization conducted a feasibility study on the initiation of Community Foundations in Georgia; this study has essentially determined the future action plan of the Program. Through our Community Development Program, we aim to become the first organization in Georgia to promote and support the creation of Community Foundations.


What Is Community Fund?