Community Development Program

The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) is working on a Community Development program since 1998. The program aims to strengthen civil society, support community leaders, and build the capacity of the CSOs and initiative groups in regions of Georgia. 

The vision of Community Development

Years of experience have shown that a strong civil society helps to better utilize the local potential and effectively deal with current challenges. Community Development is unthinkable without the motivation and mobilization of its members. To achieve sustainable positive change, the community needs to be able to assess its resources, identify common problems and develop a coordinated plan of action to solve them.

Therefore, the program, through its activities promotes local initiatives, supports the creation of community groups, strengthens them financially, and provides relevant capacity building. In addition to that, already for many years, CSRDG has actively worked to promote networking among CBOs and community groups and support their joint initiatives.

Our Values

We respect fundamental human rights and equality; and we believe that all people, regardless of their ethnicity, religious or sexual orientation, and social status, whether they live in urban or rural areas, have the right to equal opportunities and quality services.

Out Team

Our team believes that the end effect of community development is to strengthen the community residents’ belief in their abilities, reinforce their sense of ownership and build up community resources, which will ultimately lead to an improved living environment. 

Nino Vasadze
Nino Vasadze Community Development Program Coordinator
Ani Nadirashvili
Ani Nadirashvili Community Development Program Grants Manager
Levan Rostomashvili
Levan Rostomashvili Community Mobilizer
Nona Aladashvili
Nona Aladashvili Community Mobilizer
Tamar Mumladze
Tamar Mumladze Community Mobilizer
Lali Gamisonia
Lali Gamisonia Community Mobilizer